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Former PM Mulroney says he’d call a Royal Commission

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney says he would call a Royal Commission on missing and murdered aboriginal women, in a sharp rebuke of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

When more and more people–prominent people at that–are siding against you, you would think it might be time to reconsider your position.  But nope, not with this Prime Minister.  At least he’s agreed to possibly hold a roundtable discussion on this issue.

to read more of Mulroney’s comments, check out the full story from CTV News.


Liberal MP Ralph Goodale hits it on the head

Now I have never really subscribed to the ideals of the Liberal Party of Canada.  I feel they watch out for Bay Street before Main Street.

That being said however, Wascana MP Ralph Goodale has always been one of my favourite Canadian MPs, and a recent op-ed on the Huffington Post is a good reason why.

He discusses the good things that were discussed at the meeting of Premiers in Prince Edward Island last week, and how the Prime Minister is the one standing in the way of an effective government.

If you want to read his piece, head on over to HuffPost Canada.

Trudeau outshines Harper

In a new poll on the favourability numbers of Canada’s political leaders, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was placed leaps and bounds ahead of the Prime Minister, and even that of Tom Mulcair.

I can’t say I’m at all surprised by these numbers.  Once the last election poll came out earlier this week showing that the Liberals were up, this poll almost seemed inevitable.

The one thing I am surprised by however is just how close Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair are.  More specifically, I’m surprised how high Tom Mulcair is.

It’s becoming more and more clear that there will likely be a new Canadian government next fall.  But with that being said, a week is a lifetime in politics.

You can read the whole story on the favourability poll at HuffPost Canada.

Harper is out of touch: Bennett

A Liberal Member of Parliament says that the Prime Minister is out of touch, and that he lacks compassion when it comes to the safety of indigenous women.

Carolyn Bennett made those comments on the Huffington Post Canada website this morning.

There has been a growing call from residents across Canada that want a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women, and I am one of them.


Prime Minister Harper, it’s time to stand up and call the inquiry so families can get the answers and closure they deserve.

Trudeau: Harper on wrong side of history


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the Prime Minister is on the wrong side of history when it comes to a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

The wrong side of history is right!  Trudeau hit it right on the head.

Prime Minister Harper, you are making a decision based on foolish ideology, and not in the best interest of the country.

Call for the inquiry so families of these missing and murdered women can have their voices heard.

Read the whole news story on Huffington Post.

New Calls for a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

There is no reason that both police investigations and a national inquiry can’t happen.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants the first, but the latter would also help investigators gain more information, and more insight.

Conservatives I talk to say that Inquiries are a waste of taxpayers dollars.  To them I say, anything that can be done, should.


You can read all of the Prime Minister’s remarks in this Huffington Post article.