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Former PM Mulroney says he’d call a Royal Commission

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney says he would call a Royal Commission on missing and murdered aboriginal women, in a sharp rebuke of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

When more and more people–prominent people at that–are siding against you, you would think it might be time to reconsider your position.  But nope, not with this Prime Minister.  At least he’s agreed to possibly hold a roundtable discussion on this issue.

to read more of Mulroney’s comments, check out the full story from CTV News.


NDP Leader Mulcair endorses National Inquiry

New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair announced today that if the NDP are elected, a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal leaders would be called within the administration’s first 100 days.

Canadians have been calling for this inquiry for months, so here’s my question.  Where was Mulcair on this earlier?  He just now realized that he would gain political points in doing it?  Either way, he’s a little late to the show.  But then again, better late than never, right?

Read the full report from CTV here.

Understanding more about the Michael Brown case

Many eyes, as they have been for weeks, remained on Ferguson, Missouri today as Michael Brown was laid to rest.

We have all read the news stories regarding race and race relations in the aftermath of Brown being shot, and the stories about Michael Brown as a person.

If there is only one article you read on the happenings in Ferguson, I highly recommend you read this article from VOX.