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Would you pay more for the CBC?

Canada’s public broadcaster came out Friday saying that they feel Canadians are willing to pay more for their service.

I’m all for the CBC.  I think they do great work covering news, sports, arts and culture.  From the Morning Edition on CBC Radio, all the way to The National on television.  Personally, I would be willing to pay more for the coverage.

That being said however, I feel many Canadians would not be in the same boat.  There has been many a person who has called the CBC nothing more than a waste of taxpayers dollars.

There are those who also feel that the Crown Corporation should not be in the news business, as they reported on their “bosses” on a regular basis.  Some have gone as far to say that the CBC’s reporting bias depends on the governing party of the day.

So all in all, I think Canada’s oldest network may have a fight on their hands, despite what they are telling regulators.

For more information on the CBC’s goals, head over to HuffPost Canada.


Terrorists could come through Canada: John McCain

Arizona Senator John McCain is at it again.

Following President Obama’s address to the nation regarding the terrorist group ISIS, as is customary, all of the cable news channels have extensive insight and debate on what was in the speech, what was left out.  And everyone has their own ideas as to how to best solve the problem that is ISIS.

CNN had Senator McCain on to discuss the speech, and he told Anderson Cooper that terrorists could enter the country through their porous southern and northern borders.

It’s worth noting that the senior Senator from the great state of Arizona, and failed presidential candidate, is the same man who said in 2009, that the hijackers of 9/11 came through Canada.  Of course there has been no proof of that happening.

Could our borders be more secure?  Of course they could.  But Canadians should be insulted that Americans think that they are not smart enough to be able to catch a potential threat before it enters North America.

The words from John McCain, and many other conspiracy theorists are good for nothing except fear mongering and causing divisions between neighbours.

to read more about McCain’s comments, and to see the clip of his comment, head over to HuffPost Canada.

Pres. Obama to announce plan against ISIS

US President Barack Obama says he will speak to the nation and congressional leaders this week, putting forward his vision on how to best battle Islamic State (ISIS).

I’m very curious to see how this would play out.  Airstrikes are one thing, but will he consider troops on the ground?  If he puts troops on the ground, what is the time frame?  Will NATO and other allies be asked to back and contribute to such a plan?

I’m also curious to see how the Republicans will spin this.  The party that is all for battling terrorism, as long as the President’s job approval goes down at the same time.  The party that condoned the use of torture, tactics that have fueled US hatred around the globe.

Wednesday will be the most telling sign when Obama is set to deliver his speech to the nation.

For more preview, you can watch the President’s interview with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.  The video is available at Huffington Post.

BC gov’t refuses arbitration

As students from across British Columbia sit on their hands, waiting to find out if and when they’ll go back to school, the BC government has prolonged their wait even more.

In an effort to come to an amicable conclusion to their strike, BC’s teachers unions suggested that they and the provincial government enter binding arbitration.  Essentially, forcing a deal between the two sides.  The government has come out against such an idea.  BC’s Education Minister Peter Fassbender calling the proposal “another empty effort”.

The BC government is putting their narrow minded interests before the good of BC families.  I believe the only reason the government would refuse arbitration is because they feel they would get the short end of the stick.  But the truth is, BC teachers would be getting what they deserve.  A living wage, with manageable classroom sizes.

Arbitration would bring this strike to a halting end, and get BC’s children back into the classroom where they deserve.  But apparently the BC government disagrees.

to read the whole story on arbitration, head on over to HuffPost Canada.

Well that’s disappointing…

A new report out shows that Canada is in the leading contributor to global deforestation.  Adding yet another bruise to the country’s already battered environmental record.

The report says that over the last 13 years, the world has taken down over 100 million acres of virgin trees, or roughly eight percent.  And of that eight percent, Canada led the way causing over 20 percent of it.

These are disturbing figures.  Disturbing to the point that government should get involved.  But will they?  Of course not.  Because to the Conservatives, helping the environment doesn’t help them get re-elected.  All of those “green” people are gonna vote for the left anyways.

Read the disturbing facts for yourself over at HuffPost Canada.

Former PM Mulroney says he’d call a Royal Commission

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney says he would call a Royal Commission on missing and murdered aboriginal women, in a sharp rebuke of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

When more and more people–prominent people at that–are siding against you, you would think it might be time to reconsider your position.  But nope, not with this Prime Minister.  At least he’s agreed to possibly hold a roundtable discussion on this issue.

to read more of Mulroney’s comments, check out the full story from CTV News.

A step in the right direction

Canada’s Justice Minister and Attorney General says he is open to a roundtable discussion on the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women.

The roundtable was originally requested by the country’s Premiers as an alternative to a national inquiry.

Peter MacKay’s office issued a statement last week that didn’t directly address the call for a roundtable, but he said Wednesday his office could participate in some form of roundtable.

I still believe that the federal government should go for a national inquiry, because it would be the most in depth look into the problem facing Canada’s indigenous people.  But that being said, a roundtable discussion is a step in the right direction.

To read the whole story on Peter MacKay’s thoughts on the idea, head over to HuffPost Canada.