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Pres. Obama to announce plan against ISIS

US President Barack Obama says he will speak to the nation and congressional leaders this week, putting forward his vision on how to best battle Islamic State (ISIS).

I’m very curious to see how this would play out.  Airstrikes are one thing, but will he consider troops on the ground?  If he puts troops on the ground, what is the time frame?  Will NATO and other allies be asked to back and contribute to such a plan?

I’m also curious to see how the Republicans will spin this.  The party that is all for battling terrorism, as long as the President’s job approval goes down at the same time.  The party that condoned the use of torture, tactics that have fueled US hatred around the globe.

Wednesday will be the most telling sign when Obama is set to deliver his speech to the nation.

For more preview, you can watch the President’s interview with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.  The video is available at Huffington Post.


Why are soldiers being lost in transition?

Why are soldiers being lost in transition?  That is the question being asked by two government watchdogs, who are joining forces to investigate how soldiers are treated in their transition to civilian life.

Veterans ombudsman Guy Parent and Canadian Forces ombudsman Gary Walbourne will look at a system that has been the subject of thousands of complaints, both formal and informal.

You can read the Canadian Press’ full report on HuffPost Canada.