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Make or break time for the NDP

As the federal New Democrats meet in Edmonton for their annual retreat, the party needs to figure out what the next step is going into the next federal election.

With the amount of press given to Justin Trudeau over the past number of weeks, a non-observer would likely think that he was the leader of the Official Opposition instead of Tom Mulcair.  It also doesn’t help that the Conservatives are treating the NDP as though they’re invisible, putting all of their attention on Trudeau.

Recent polls have the NDP in third place, and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen Tom Mulcair’s name in a headline in recent months.

This is do or die time for Canada’s New Democrats.  Will they figure out a way to woo Canadian voters?  Or will they return to the position they’ve been in many, many years…third party status?

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Liberals propose mandatory voting

Canada’s Liberal Party is floating an idea of mandatory voting in elections, in response to low voter turnout.

Here’s what happens with mandatory voting:

People who do not follow politics or the news will come into the voting booth and go eenee-menee-minee-moe. And when that happens we get people in public office that have no business being in politics.

Justin Trudeau has impressed me with some of his policies. If they go through with mandatory voting, he loses that respect.

I’m also curious where this story will put him in the polls. Forcing people to vote will just piss people off.

The Liberals will be getting input from rank and file members.  But let’s face it, if the big wigs in the party want this in the platform, it’s gonna be in the platform.

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Trudeau: Harper on wrong side of history


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the Prime Minister is on the wrong side of history when it comes to a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

The wrong side of history is right!  Trudeau hit it right on the head.

Prime Minister Harper, you are making a decision based on foolish ideology, and not in the best interest of the country.

Call for the inquiry so families of these missing and murdered women can have their voices heard.

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