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Well that’s disappointing…

A new report out shows that Canada is in the leading contributor to global deforestation.  Adding yet another bruise to the country’s already battered environmental record.

The report says that over the last 13 years, the world has taken down over 100 million acres of virgin trees, or roughly eight percent.  And of that eight percent, Canada led the way causing over 20 percent of it.

These are disturbing figures.  Disturbing to the point that government should get involved.  But will they?  Of course not.  Because to the Conservatives, helping the environment doesn’t help them get re-elected.  All of those “green” people are gonna vote for the left anyways.

Read the disturbing facts for yourself over at HuffPost Canada.


Climate change must be taken seriously

It is time that we all take a deep look at the world in front of us.  In Canada, they have the oil sands of Alberta.  In the United States, they have the coal mines of Virginia.  Every industrialized nation has something that is causing climate change.

Scientists have told us for years that the raid change in climate due to green house gas emissions is being caused by humans, but somehow, our world leaders don’t seem to want to believe the science.

We only have this one planet.  How would you like to leave it for your children, your grand children, and their children?  If we continue on this slippery slope, our time will run out.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon writes beautifully on the need for immediate action on climate change in an op-ed for the Huffington Post.

Mount Polley from the eyes of an environmentalist

When a tailings pond at a mine in British Columbia broke it’s dam, everyone wondered what the environmental impact might be.  The pond spilled in to a salmon bearing stream, what kind of impact would the spill have on what scientists were calling the largest salmon run in recorded history?

David Suzuki is without a doubt, the most well known environmental activist in Canada, perhaps even in North America.  He recently wrote an op-ed on HuffPost Canada, giving his impact on the rare occurrence that is Mount Polley.