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A step in the right direction

Canada’s Justice Minister and Attorney General says he is open to a roundtable discussion on the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women.

The roundtable was originally requested by the country’s Premiers as an alternative to a national inquiry.

Peter MacKay’s office issued a statement last week that didn’t directly address the call for a roundtable, but he said Wednesday his office could participate in some form of roundtable.

I still believe that the federal government should go for a national inquiry, because it would be the most in depth look into the problem facing Canada’s indigenous people.  But that being said, a roundtable discussion is a step in the right direction.

To read the whole story on Peter MacKay’s thoughts on the idea, head over to HuffPost Canada.


Liberal MP Ralph Goodale hits it on the head

Now I have never really subscribed to the ideals of the Liberal Party of Canada.  I feel they watch out for Bay Street before Main Street.

That being said however, Wascana MP Ralph Goodale has always been one of my favourite Canadian MPs, and a recent op-ed on the Huffington Post is a good reason why.

He discusses the good things that were discussed at the meeting of Premiers in Prince Edward Island last week, and how the Prime Minister is the one standing in the way of an effective government.

If you want to read his piece, head on over to HuffPost Canada.

Liberals propose mandatory voting

Canada’s Liberal Party is floating an idea of mandatory voting in elections, in response to low voter turnout.

Here’s what happens with mandatory voting:

People who do not follow politics or the news will come into the voting booth and go eenee-menee-minee-moe. And when that happens we get people in public office that have no business being in politics.

Justin Trudeau has impressed me with some of his policies. If they go through with mandatory voting, he loses that respect.

I’m also curious where this story will put him in the polls. Forcing people to vote will just piss people off.

The Liberals will be getting input from rank and file members.  But let’s face it, if the big wigs in the party want this in the platform, it’s gonna be in the platform.

Read the whole story at HuffPost Canada.

Trudeau outshines Harper

In a new poll on the favourability numbers of Canada’s political leaders, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was placed leaps and bounds ahead of the Prime Minister, and even that of Tom Mulcair.

I can’t say I’m at all surprised by these numbers.  Once the last election poll came out earlier this week showing that the Liberals were up, this poll almost seemed inevitable.

The one thing I am surprised by however is just how close Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair are.  More specifically, I’m surprised how high Tom Mulcair is.

It’s becoming more and more clear that there will likely be a new Canadian government next fall.  But with that being said, a week is a lifetime in politics.

You can read the whole story on the favourability poll at HuffPost Canada.

We need action and inquiry on missing and murdered aboriginal women

In a new op-ed for HuffPost Canada, Chelsea Vowel hits a strong note on this issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women, calling for both action, and an inquiry.

There seems to be a consistent answer coming from the Prime Minister’s Office: An inquiry won’t tell us anything we don’t already know.

Vowel feels that there seems to be an ultimatum of sorts:  There can be an inquiry, or the money can be put in action plans, but not both.  She stresses that there is no reason that both don’t happen.

I’m inclined to agree with Ms. Vowel.  While action must be taken, there is no reason why an inquiry can’t be called.  An inquiry will hopefully shed light on new information that may not already be known.

There’s an old saying in business and politics.  If you’re dumb, surround yourself with smart people, and if you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.  The Prime Minister is a smart man, but he is too hard headed to know when he is wrong, and no one in the PMO will tell him differently.

We need both action and an inquiry.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Mr. Prime Minister, call the damn inquiry.

Peter MacKay photographed in gun lobby t-shirt


“Peter MacKay was photographed wearing a “No Compromise” T-shirt that symbolizes a gun lobby group’s goal to repeal Canada’s firearms laws and legalize the possession of all semi-automatic weapons.

The Justice Minister was captured wearing the shirt sold by Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) at a Conservative fundraising event in Edmonton on Friday.”

If the photo of him in that shirt isn’t in every NDP and Liberal attack ad in the run up to next year’s election, there is something wrong.

The quotes above are from an article on HuffPost Canada.

Conservatives are now blaming the media “elite”

The GOP in the states has been blaming the “liberal” media for conspiring against them for years, and now it look like the HarperCon’s are doing the same thing.

More and more in Canada, politics is looking more like that of our southern neighbours.  And it’s not just the Conservatives who do this.  The NDP have been using former Obama campaign workers as well.

But if you needed any clarification has to where this move is coming from, I can almost promise you it’s from a Republican playbook.

Read the whole story from HuffPost Canada.