Terrorists could come through Canada: John McCain

Arizona Senator John McCain is at it again.

Following President Obama’s address to the nation regarding the terrorist group ISIS, as is customary, all of the cable news channels have extensive insight and debate on what was in the speech, what was left out.  And everyone has their own ideas as to how to best solve the problem that is ISIS.

CNN had Senator McCain on to discuss the speech, and he told Anderson Cooper that terrorists could enter the country through their porous southern and northern borders.

It’s worth noting that the senior Senator from the great state of Arizona, and failed presidential candidate, is the same man who said in 2009, that the hijackers of 9/11 came through Canada.  Of course there has been no proof of that happening.

Could our borders be more secure?  Of course they could.  But Canadians should be insulted that Americans think that they are not smart enough to be able to catch a potential threat before it enters North America.

The words from John McCain, and many other conspiracy theorists are good for nothing except fear mongering and causing divisions between neighbours.

to read more about McCain’s comments, and to see the clip of his comment, head over to HuffPost Canada.


13 Essential Stories About Sept. 11


An anniversary likes a round number, but Sept. 11, 2014, won’t give us that. It’s the same awkwardness that Jeffrey Kluger described in the pages of TIME’s Sept. 17, 2007, issue: “A sixth anniversary is an awkward thing, without the raw feeling of a first or the numerical tidiness of a fifth or 10th,” he wrote. “The families of the 2,973 people murdered that day need no calendrical gimmick to feel their loss, but a nation of 300 million — rightly or wrongly — is another matter.”

So, for the 13th anniversary, here are 13 essential stories on Sept. 11 from TIME’s archives.

If You Want to Humble an Empire. Sept. 14, 2001.

TIME’s editors had just a few days to pull together the entirety of the Sept. 14, 2001, issue. Much of that work fell to Nancy Gibbs, then a senior editor and now the magazine’s editor…

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Canada has Dutch Disease: Bank of America

A new report out by Bank of America Merrill Lynch says that Canada’s oil and gas sector has caused a dutch disease in the country.

This idea of dutch disease is nothing new, and what it’s implying is that the oil industry has in fact driven up the value of the loonie to the point that it is hurting other export-reliant industries.

The term “dutch disease” has been a political trigger point in recent years, but it was shot down by the Bank of Canada, saying that the oil and gas industry should jump at the chance to expand.

There is no doubt that the oil and gas sector has had a positive effect on the Canadian economy, but there is no denying that it has had a negative impact on other areas of the economy as well.  But as long as the price of oil stays high, I don’t see things changing any time soon.  And I feel this report will fall on deaf ears, especially in western Canada.

To read the whole story on the Bank of America Merrill Lynch report, head over to HuffPost Canada.

Worst. Congress. Ever.

Here is what I don’t understand.  Polls show that many Americans feel that this is the worst Congress in their lifetimes.  But according to new polls conducted for CNN, Republicans are poised to take control of the Senate, making President Obama a lame duck.

Open your eyes people!  The reason this Congress is the worst ever, is because of the Republicans!  And if they don’t become veto proof, my money is on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will get done in the next two years.

Read the whole story over at CNN.

Make or break time for the NDP

As the federal New Democrats meet in Edmonton for their annual retreat, the party needs to figure out what the next step is going into the next federal election.

With the amount of press given to Justin Trudeau over the past number of weeks, a non-observer would likely think that he was the leader of the Official Opposition instead of Tom Mulcair.  It also doesn’t help that the Conservatives are treating the NDP as though they’re invisible, putting all of their attention on Trudeau.

Recent polls have the NDP in third place, and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen Tom Mulcair’s name in a headline in recent months.

This is do or die time for Canada’s New Democrats.  Will they figure out a way to woo Canadian voters?  Or will they return to the position they’ve been in many, many years…third party status?

For more in-depth detail into the NDP retreat in Edmonton, head on over to HuffPost Canada.

Apple’s big event is finally here — five things to watch for in the week ahead


Hello, friends and Fortune readers.

It’s the second week in September and that means one thing – a huge Apple event. A number of new products are expected. The question is whether they’ll live up to all the hype. It’s also a big week for some big consumer brands like Barnes & Noble, Campbell Soup, and Lululemon, which will announce earnings. With that said, here’s what you need to know to prepare for the week ahead.

1. Once again, it’s all about Apple

The time has come for the unveiling of Apple’s new products on Tuesday including an expected iPhone 6 and an iWatch smartwatch. There’s been gallons of ink (real and digital) already spilled by the media speculating about what will be announced. Tune into Fortune for a live-blog of the event starting just before 1 pm EST). The wild card is Apple CEO Tim Cook will mention…

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Pres. Obama to announce plan against ISIS

US President Barack Obama says he will speak to the nation and congressional leaders this week, putting forward his vision on how to best battle Islamic State (ISIS).

I’m very curious to see how this would play out.  Airstrikes are one thing, but will he consider troops on the ground?  If he puts troops on the ground, what is the time frame?  Will NATO and other allies be asked to back and contribute to such a plan?

I’m also curious to see how the Republicans will spin this.  The party that is all for battling terrorism, as long as the President’s job approval goes down at the same time.  The party that condoned the use of torture, tactics that have fueled US hatred around the globe.

Wednesday will be the most telling sign when Obama is set to deliver his speech to the nation.

For more preview, you can watch the President’s interview with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.  The video is available at Huffington Post.