The 10 Canadian Provinces, And What They Would Be Like As High School Kids

That’s just awesome!

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1. Alberta

Alberta is the ultra-popular kid with the massive house and all the latest video games and toys. He throws the kind of legendary parties that end up on YouTube and seems destined for corporate success but secretly his friends worry about his drinking and gossip about that baggie of white powder in his locker that he said was baking soda.

2. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is that girl who’s gorgeous, neat, gets the top grades in every class, is involved in student politics, the choir, the drama club, and the yearbook committee, captains several sports teams and who you want to hate for being so damn perfect except she’s SO NICE. She’ll probably be valedictorian.

3. British Columbia  

British Columbia spends her lunch hour playing guitar on the quad or helping to paint the diversity mural in the foyer and thinks she might like to possibly…

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