BC gov’t refuses arbitration

As students from across British Columbia sit on their hands, waiting to find out if and when they’ll go back to school, the BC government has prolonged their wait even more.

In an effort to come to an amicable conclusion to their strike, BC’s teachers unions suggested that they and the provincial government enter binding arbitration.  Essentially, forcing a deal between the two sides.  The government has come out against such an idea.  BC’s Education Minister Peter Fassbender calling the proposal “another empty effort”.

The BC government is putting their narrow minded interests before the good of BC families.  I believe the only reason the government would refuse arbitration is because they feel they would get the short end of the stick.  But the truth is, BC teachers would be getting what they deserve.  A living wage, with manageable classroom sizes.

Arbitration would bring this strike to a halting end, and get BC’s children back into the classroom where they deserve.  But apparently the BC government disagrees.

to read the whole story on arbitration, head on over to HuffPost Canada.


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