Why ransoms are big business for terrorists and why the U.S. won’t pay

Global News

James Foley was killed in the most inhuman way by his Islamic State captors, after being held for nearly two years.

Foley might have been freed before he was gruesomely beheaded had the U.S. paid a ransom to the militant group. But, the U.S. has a strict policy of not paying ransoms to terrorist groups.

The ransom demand for Foley’s release was also astronomically high — approximately US$132.5 million — and unlikely to be paid by anyone.

But his parents we’re going to try to pay what they could.

According to the Telegraph, the 40-year-old freelance journalist’s parents, John and Diane Foley, were willing to break the law in order to secure their son’s release.

They believed they might be able to buy his freedom for $5 million — which is how much the European countries have paid groups such as the Islamic State to broker release deals, according…

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